Confident Caesarean Programme

Confident Caesarean Programme

Having a Caesarean sections does not have to mean you just allow the medical professionals to birth your baby without you having options. Would you like a Confident Caesarean and you can hear yourself answering yes to the following questions. If so the Confident Caesarean Programme is your key to gaining control and confidence.

Do you feel scared about having a Caesarean?

Does your partner know how to support you?

Do you want to learn how to gain confidence in your elite medical team by negotiating what’s really important to you ?

Would you like to be able to enjoy being in theatre and feel excited and not scared about what is happening to you and your baby?

Having been in theatre twice for both my birthing experiences granted after both my babies where born. I totally understand how important this is. I used the Wise Hippo Birthing Techniques and found they really helped keep me calm and relaxed. I was very high risk and had a extremely rare condition. I am so excited to be able to support you to have ‘the right birth on the day’ with a package that has been written so that you can have the best experience possible for you.

Why should it be only expectant mothers, low risk mothers whom are preparing to delivery naturally that should have use of amazing tools for birth preparation. You are just as important and if not more so. You still have choice and options open to you. Being able to control what happens when your special bundle enters the world.

The confident caesarean programme has been written to enable you to take the control back of your birth and give you a voice on how and when your baby is born.

This 4 week programme will have you growing in confidence in yourself , partner and eliete medical team avoiding you feeling overwhelmed and ensure you have ‘the right birth on the day’

Confident Caesarean Programme session by session

Your first session will be all about your bump! Your emotions and Self care and making time to prepare yourself emotionally for the journey ahead.


The Wise Hippo Prenatal Parenting ProgrammeTM as you can see focussing on building emotional intelligence for baby which may have you wondering what the hell is that then?

In the context of this programme it is about understanding the true purpose of our emotions so that we can use them in a beneficial way rather than letting them control us.

We know from medical research that the things that happen to a woman during her pregnancy will have an impact on her baby and in turn her baby’s emotional intelligence.

However, much of the information that is available on this subject is taken out of context and taught really badly, many women are often left feeling really guilty about the choices they are making when pregnant and I am not talking about smoking or the odd glass of vino.

Your life isn’t going to be perfect throughout your pregnancy and if it isn’t going to be perfect then how are you going to prevent the bad stuff from causing your baby emotional harm?

Things are going to happen that make you feel sad, angry, upset and so on and these things will in turn give your baby a bit of an upset too.

Things are going to happen that make you laugh, feel loved, happy and other great wonderful feelings and these things will in turn make your baby feel great too.

The same goes for after they have been born. Great things will happen and shit things will happen.

What you can do for your baby is teach them the best way to handle the good, the bad and the ugly that life throws at us and this is what The Wise Hippo Prenatal Parenting Programme is predominantly all about.

We do this using ‘The B.E.S.T. start formulaTM which stands for Bonding, Emotions, Self-care and Time with baby.

So as part of every Confident C-section Programme this programme is included to give you the most amazing experience that enables you to feel prepared for every aspect of your journey.

Confident Caesarean Programme Materials

Included in this package you will receive;

  • Electronic login into all your course materials
  • Caesarean section preparation programme digital workbook
  • Planning Caesarean section birth plan – Example 1
  • Planning Caesarean section birth plan – Example 2
  • You will be shown a range of media footage in class


  1. Relax with nature adapted for Caesarean Section
  2. Generic Cloak of Protection
  3. Bond and Breathe
  4. Cove of Confidence
  5. Confident C-section prepetition
  6. Confident C-section Affirmations
  7. Post C-section Body Nurturing

In addition to this you will receive email, telephone and text support from Bex leading up to and following your birth. Access to the HIP club Facebook group which is the biggest online community of all Wise Hippo Clients,  Mama’s Instincts Gentle C-section Group, Mama’s Instincts Private Group. A Mama’s Instinct goodie bag and  a free postnatal session.

This amazing package starts at £497 for all for sessions or £375 if you would like to do it in three sessions. Prices reflect Monday-Friday classes. Saturday is £750 and Sundays £975.

Email Bex to discuss how you can become confidenct about your up comming Caesarean Section. Bex will be more than happy to talk about your indiviual pregnancy..