Aromatherapy for Childbirth

Aromatherapy for Childbirth

In the Aromatherapy for Childbirth Session

  • Learn how to use these 6 oils for your birth.
  • Learn what blends well together to get you through different stages of your birth.
  • Learn to use in the bath and how to massage them into your skin.
  • Learn how to diffuse to help you anchor to the oils leading up to your birth.
Aromatherapy for Childbirth oils

Aromatherapy for Childbirth Session

I use doTERRA Therapeutic grade oils

I can provide a small amount of each oil at wholesale price or you can buy directly from this link.

To book contact Bex or email

Tailored sessions to look at your individual circumstances start at £75 this will include 2mls of the specific oils chosen.

Blends you can make yourself for self massage and baths at home.