Comparison of Darent Valley Hospital (Katherine Graves) Hypnobirthing and Mama’s Instinct (Wise Hippo)

Comparison by Lucia and Ally Lowrey November 2017

DVH Classes

DVH KG Hypnobirthing


  • On the whole the course was a bit too brief and gave the impression that your ability to practice and understand the exercises learned would ensure that your birth will go to plan
  • Good for explaining the hormones involved in labour and teaching confidence and positivity
  • Does not prepare you for all outcomes or cover how the techniques could be used in any given situation
  • Hubby did not ‘get it’
  • Sessions are at hospital which is fine for first baby but not good if you need childcare
  • Benefits in 1st labour was that I was able to cope with back to back labour as well as interventions on gas and air alone (back to back labour not suspected because I “was not in enough pain” apparently)
  • Downside was that I was not at all prepared for an emergency transfer to hospital and interventions and hubby was also unprepared

Course Facts

  • 2.5 hours x 4 tuesday or wednesday night
  • KG Hypnobirthing book
  • KG MP3 cd
  • Session was 8 couples then now 20 plus
  • No follow up contact available
Work with Bex

Mama’s Instinct The Wise Hippo

Mama’s instinct

  • Option of group sessions and 1 to 1 sessions. Bex worked around our childcare and son’s bedtimes
  • Bex tailored the programme to meet my needs based on previous experience
  • Course is much more in depth, covering fear release, physiology of birth, confidence building, more tools to use during labour including how to breathe baby down during pushing stage to avoid tears
  • Bex also provided me with info in order to get baby in a good position for birth and during birth
  • Bex is very educated and knowledgeable and really helped me to be prepared for any outcome. She was able to answer all my questions in full and really knows her stuff!
  • Bex’s advice and coaching really helped me to feel more in control and at ease with my decision to go to the birth centre despite being advised otherwise (I live in a rural area)
  • The course also included information on how birth partners can help if there are any issues. This was so important for hubby and he really took it all in despite not being overly on-board with the hypnobirthing itself. Bex made it very clear that he didn’t need to understand the hypnobirthing, just needed to know enough to support me, which he did!

Course Facts

  • Minimum of 3 hours x4 ( Bex will go with couples need so some sessions can be longer)
  • Comfort of your own home
  • Time and day of the week to suit your busy work scheduled
  • Wise hippo manual
  • 7 MP3 to download for birth and 1 MP3 for Post birth recovery
  • Additional sessions available for change of circumstances
  • Private facebook group, also follow up through email, phone, What’s app
  • Regular social meet ups in the local area