Breech positioning what are my options?

Perhaps you have had a straightforward pregnancy and are happily preparing for the arrival of your baby. Now you are in complete shock!

Maybe something in your gut has told you to go and visit your midwife and she has sent you for a scan which confirms baby is breech and they are now talking like elective caesarean is your only birth option.

Have you have just been told that your midwife suspects that your baby is lying transverse or breech.

Has this thrown you totally off guard and now you are feeling totally out of control and that your birth preferences have just been torn up and thrown into the wind as confetti.

Fear, not you do really still have options do you know what they are?

Imagine you can have the right birth on the day. Where you have made all the decisions, you feel in control and know that you have explored all OPTIONS available and you’re happy with the decision you have made.

Imagine being able to help your own baby move into a better birth position.

Imagine feeling fully informed and happy with the decision you make so that you can go into the birth of this baby feeling 100% in CONTROL of the decision you have made.

Breech Birth Options & Turning Session in Kent, Medway and London

The Wise Hippo Breech Master Session is designed so that you can explore what options are still available to you for pregnancy and birth.

Breech birth

This part of the session we explore

  • What this variation of normal is and your thoughts and feeling around a virginal delivery or an Elective Caesarean.
  • How to work with your care providers to get the right birth on the day for you and your baby.
  • Ways to encourage baby to turn.
  • Aline your baby course techniques also discussed that are additional to the Wise Hippo.
Midwife Allison - Breech

Midwife and Wise Hippo Instructor Allison shares her wisdom with us re Breech babies #thewisehippo #breech #breechbaby

Posted by The Wise Hippo by your side for Bump, Birth and Baby on Friday, 4 November 2016

The Wise Hippo ‘Breech Birth Options & Turning’ experience with Bex

This session can take between 60-90 minutes. This will be done in your own home where you can become relaxed there is a mixture of Videos, exploration of your options and choices and deep relaxation.

This session is available to both Mama’s Instinct Wise Hippo Clients and to new clients to find them selves looking for options that have not studied the Wise Hippo and/or other methods of antenatal education.

Bex’s Past and Current Birthing Programme Clients £47

New Clients who have not worked with Bex before is £79 and your session will be up to 3 hours.

Repeat session in the same pregnancy will be £37 for just the breech turning script.

Did you know you can have paid time off work for antenatal classes?

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