Birth Trauma MAM 3 Step Rewind

Birth Awareness 3 Step Rewind

Are you looking for Birth Awareness 3 Step Rewind?

Are you struggling to come to terms with unwanted aspects in your pregnancy journey?

Was pregnancy not what you were expecting it to be like?

Perhaps your birth was not the experience you had hoped for and this has left you feeling sad or traumatised.

Are you experiencing the flight or flight response when you see, hear or smell things that take you back to pregnancy, birth or early postnatal days?

Do you feel traumatised and are unable to let go of your unwanted birth experiences?

Did your birth go amazingly but then you are or baby became ill so the early days of parenthood have left you feeling upset?

Perhaps your baby had to spend time in SCBU and it upsets you thinking back to the early days.

Did you struggle with breastfeeding and due to lack of support swap to formula feeding and now feel guilty and cross/angry?

If you answered yes to any of the above then the Birth Awareness 3 Step Rewind can really help you to move forward with a different emotional response.

Birth Awareness 3 Step Rewind Technique

The first session listening session can provide a safe space for parents to tell their story and is the first step to understanding what happened and what course of further action to take, if appropriate. This can also be done content free so I do not even have to know what has happened in the past. If you can identify strong feeling towards the event/experience then this can be worked through using this technique.

The Birth Awareness 3 Step Rewind  involves three stages:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Recalling the event in a specific way whilst feeling safe and secure
  • Imagining coping in the future and responding differently

The Birth Awareness 3 Step Rewindtechnique is a very effective and well tested technique that neutralises the disturbing feelings associated with the trauma you have experienced. The memory of what happened still exists, but it no longer provokes anxiety, panic, guilt, anger or sadness allowing you to move forward with your life.

Lastly, the sessions can help restore feelings of calm and confidence to someone who has been plagued with the anxiety associated with trauma.

What causes birth trauma?

Prenatal trauma occurs when pregnancy, birth or early postnatal days has been a frightening, traumatic and negative experience.

The symptoms of prenatal trauma can vary but can include flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, panic attacks, guilt, anger, sadness, depression, difficulty bonding with baby, difficulty relating to partner, and in many cases these symptoms can ripple out into every aspect of life, and even cause future family plans to be placed firmly on hold.

This form of PTSD can affect both mums, dads and birth workers.

A birth experience that was frightening to both or either parent and that is usually coupled with a loss of control, can lead to prenatal/birth trauma.

This could be because labour was long or full of intervention or perhaps because of medical problems that unexpectedly occurred. If a birth takes an unexpected turn, it can feel traumatic, especially if parents feel that the situation or options available weren’t properly explained or if they feel that what was happening was completely out of their control.

A birth where parents have feared for their life or their babies can also be a very frightening experience. Similarly, if injury or even death has occurred because of the experience, then this can also lead to birth trauma.

Also, the early days following birth can also be traumatic when your baby is being cared for in SCBU and you have very little or no control or even a voice on how your baby is cared for and you are often left following the lead of a medical professional when this does not sit right within your gut.

Adjusting to life following the birth of your baby when feeding is not going to plan and due to a catalogue of reasons and against your original plans you switch to formula and they are riddled with guilt, flashbacks, feeling like a failer, unable to bond with the baby you so longed to have can leave you feeling shell-shocked and no longer in control of your life.

How many sessions will you need?

In most cases, two, (on occasion three) sessions are enough for people for feeling a significant difference and reduction in their symptoms.

This technique is equally effective 3 months after the event as it is 3 years or even longer after the event. If PTSD symptoms are still evident then the technique is useful in eliminating them.

This is not therapy and you will be guided through this tried and tested technique. You will be doing all the internal work to help you move forward with your life.

How much will the Birth Awareness 3 Step Rewind cost?

£200 in your own home (up to 3 sessions) Discount to clients

£260 at a neutral venue (this can be variable price confirmed before booking)

If you feel this could be the right course of action for you or to discuss this further please fill out the contact from below.

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Birth Awareness 3 Step Rewind