Relax, Breathe and Birth Essentials Session

The Relax, Breathe and Birth session is a 2 hour session designed to provide relaxation tools for birth.

These sessions are offered at £45 which will be deducted from the full course fee should you decide to attend.

What does this session include?

Why do we need to learn how to birth? Psychology and Physiology!

  • Fear and negativity surrounding birth.
  • The physiology of birth.

How to birth confidently.

  • How the negative lessons were learnt.
  • Ensuring that your mind is supporting your body.

Becoming an expert in relaxation – your tools for labour (Calm and Relax)

  • Waves of Relaxation to be used during surges (contractions)
  • 54321 relax breaths to be used between the surges (Bond and Breathe Technique)

Planning and Positivity

  • How to plan the wise hippo way

Preparing and Practice

  • Summarising what you have learnt and how to use the tools in labour and birth.

The by your side for Bump, Birth and Baby!

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