Bex Hough Mama’s Instinct Testimonials

What my clients say about Mama’s Instinct all these testimonials have come from our clients Bex Hough has worked with since we have started. 

Private Clients Natasha and David (August 2014)

“When originally thinking about birthing techniques, hypnobirthing had never crossed our minds. It was by chance that it was recommended to us by a friend who spoke very highly about the course. At first we were quite nervous and apprehensive about the whole theory. However, after a bit of further research we felt excited and ready to learn what we could.

Our instructor for the course was Bex Hough. During the four weeks Bex was always very helpful, patient and explained everything fully to us. This being our first child we found it particularly helpful how Bex would use her own personal experiences with hypnobirthing when teaching and answering our questions. By the end of the course we felt a lot more confident about what to expect during labour and also felt adequately prepared to use the relaxation techniques breathing exercises and soothing strokes.

 Due to a pre-existing medical condition an induction was planned by our obstetrician. However, we still had a good idea of how we wished the birth plan to be. Unfortunately, the induction process took a lot longer than anticipated (4 x failed inductions using 3 different methods). Eventually baby was born via an emergency forceps delivery due to a compound presentation. Even though Natasha did have an epidural (due to the risk of needing to have an emergency caesarean), she was still able to use the learnt techniques when having surges or feeling stressed / worried etc. 

Overall, we felt that the whole labour was very successful and what we had learnt helped us both hugely. We thought that it was good that the course also focused on the birthing partner as it allowed me to feel a lot more involved in the whole process and feel in control for both of us. 

It has been 5 weeks since the birth of baby Evelyn and everything is going perfectly. 

We would definitely recommend the Wise Hippo course to anyone due to give birth or thinking about it. It helped us learn so much and we genuinely felt prepared for what was to come.

 We would like to again say a huge thank you to Bex for her time, experience and patience and hope that many more people can take as much from the course as we did.”

 Private Clients at 38 weeks Danielle & Robin (September 2014)

“I approached Bex in a bit of a state. This was my second baby and though you may think it was because of a traumatic previous birth it wasn’t. My first born was calmly delivered, by comparison to a lot of my friends. I went into labour naturally and the baby was born in the water and with hardly a scratch to myself. 

I think what was getting me was the constant call to “relax”.  Something I now realise I just didn’t know how to do.  The word grates on me something chronic, which meant a lot of word changes to my birth script! I’d booked the home birth, the pool was ready to go and I had the best midwife ready to attend day or night. But the anxiety was still there.

Bex taught me some great tools to help me “calm” – that’s my word of choice.  I really found the surge breathing and mantra “one step closer to seeing my baby” incredibly useful on the day.  As well as not dreading the next surge but embracing it knowing that it wouldn’t last long with the use of the techniques.  My midwife mostly couldn’t tell if I was having a surge as it “just sounded like heavy breathing”.  But I certainly was 2.5hour after my waters broke I was 8cm (we chose to do a VE as I was coping so well it was impossible to tell what stage I was). 3 hours I had my little one in my arms.”

Private Clients Kay and Jason took classes at 36 weeks (January 2015)

“Hello all, Darcy Mae was born last week. I had my ” I did it” moment just like the videos following 1:1 sessions with Bex Hough over the last 4 weeks. Both my partner and I absolutely loved the sessions and loved the results just as much on the day!

It wasn’t quite the same scene as the videos ” quiet and drug free” but what it gave us both was focus and clear roles to achieve the birth that was right for us in a calm and relaxed state.

I felt so in control even though it wasn’t a straightforward birth, we had the tools to ensure we kept “calm and relaxed” and controlled our fears.

My partner said he knew his role this time and by jolly did he support me well. He was a super star! Massaging me exactly where it helped, getting my environment just right, knowing what I did and didn’t want to happen, helping me make informed drug choices, being firm on methods of delivery that we did and didn’t want even when it was pushed on us. I could cry just typing this as he was that great… This is from a man who had “horrific, traumatic and loss of control” as a words to describe our previous birth when we started the course.

I can’t thank Bex and the Wise a Hippo Programme for helping us achieve the wonderful life changing experience we had.”

Bexley Group Clients Paul and Sam took classes and gave birth half way through the course (April 2016)

“Great Course! Was very sceptical when I started, but my wife wanted to try it and I thought anything that can help her would be for the best. I expected a bunch of rubbish and a very impractical “belief system” on how there will be no pain and every woman will laugh her way through the pregnancy. Even though there is a lot of self-belief and mind conditioning for the “right words to use”, it is nothing like I expected. The course try’s to remind you that women have been doing this for century’s without medical intervention, and doesn’t suggest that you don’t have any medical assistance if you need it, but gives you loads of options to remind you that it is your birth and you are in control. The calming techniques used were helpful and practical.

From a Father’s point of view, I had no idea what to expect and men haven’t been playing an active role in births for that many years, so wasn’t too sure who to ask for first hand experience and practical advice The course helped, it was still a bloody shock though, not going to lie, but I was less useless and had an idea of what to do.”

Bexley Group Clients Hollie and Darren (April 2016)

“I came across Bex and Mama’s instinct by chance after being unwell in our second trimester. I can honestly say it’s the best chance meeting I have ever had! My husband and I completed the wise hippo bond with baby and birthing programme with Bex and we can not rate them highly enough. Instantly after starting the courses I felt differently about pregnancy, birth and becoming a mummy. I feel that Bex, mama’s instinct and wise hippo empowered us to have the right birth on the day. Bex’s knowledge, experience, support and advice is priceless and I can’t even express how pleased and grateful I am that we met her! Thank you xx”

Bexley Group Clients Kayleigh and Phillip (July 2016)

“My husband and I highly recommend Mama’s instinct. Bex is amazing. She is very knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful, positive and an incredible person! Bex made such a positive impact on us during our pregnancy, birth and beyond. She helped us to have a better understanding of pregnancy, birth and bonding with our baby. Pregnancy and birth was such an amazing experience for us because of the input from Bex and Mama’s Instinct. Thank you so much!”

Open University E100 Student (August 2016)

“Bex is a caring, approachable person who will put your mind at ease with any anxieties you may have. She is extremely passionate about her work & the people who she works with; offering fantastic support and advice whenever you may need it! I am extremely grateful to have met & worked with Bex, she put my nerves at ease & allowed me to believe in myself, and as a result I have made great achievements!”