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Mama’s Instinct has some amazing news for the New Year

Bex Hough is Expecting Wise Hippo Baby Number 2.  Due Spring April 2015 and maybe around the same time as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Bex Medical conditions and using The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Bex successfully used The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme  for the birth of her first born in October 2013.  Although she had an amazing home water birth in her own bath with her two chosen birth partners and  amazing NHS midwives.  There were some unplanned complications when an undetected rare medical condition presented itself with her 3rd stage.

With the use of the tools and techniques Bex happily with baby in arms transferred to Darent Valley Hospital  where the ‘Cove of Confidence’ and ‘Relax with Nature’ Mp3 became her lifeline to be able to get any form of rest and sleep. After three days and some medical interventions that did not work Bex was discharged home. Bex’s complications led to her medical condition correcting itself in January 2014 where she finally completed her home birth in her bathroom with the placenta finally spontaneously releasing. Bex had 100% trust in her body and knew it would be able to naturally resolve the condition itself with time and patience without further medical intervention.

April 2014 Bex had her final scan and her Uterus had totally healed itself with no evidence of the medical condition ever having taken place. Bex had seen her consultant who had agreed to the conservative treatment of her condition in March 2014 and had been given the all-clear to start her next journey into Motherhood.

16th August 2014 Bex and Lee were delighted to find out this journey had began and that Bex was indeed expecting her second baby.

How is Bex preparing for the birth?

As soon as Bex found out she was pregnant she started listening to her ‘Relax with nature’ Mp3 when going to bed. Using the ‘Affirmations’ to help her think the most positive about her journey into motherhood for the second time.

Due to the previous medical condition this pregnancy is Consultant Lead. Knowing this would be the case Bex made contact with the Supervisor of Midwives  (SoM) who helped empower her and facilitate her last birth using her own bath.

13th October 2014 was such and amazing and special day in the family. Not only was this her first born’s 1st Birthday but was also the first scan for baby hippo number 2.

New Year New Life

Bex Dating Scan Wise Hippo Baby Number 2

After the scan Bex and Lee both met up with her SoM to discuss the scans findings and to start discussing the options open to them this pregnancy. Using what they had remembered from their classes they decided before the meeting they would use the tool Lee had learned as the Advocate and Protector of the birth experience.  This tool is the Acyrnim BRAINS as it an be daunting when talking to medical professionals about your options and this helps keep you focused.

  • B – Benefits
  • R – Risks
  • A – Alternatives
  • I – Instincts
  • N – Nothing
  • S – Smile

Later that evening Bex decided to have some bonding time with both her birthday boy and bump. Where better to do that than in the bath in which he was born! Part 2 will follow soon.

Bex Hough Mamas Instinct New Year New Life

Bex’s Birth Photo

Bex Hough Mamas Instinct New Year New Life Blog

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