So how did Operation Dinner Out! come about?

Are you a little confused by this post and thinking what has this got to do with birth? In January this year I started working privately with a couple in the day time as this fitted around their employment and individual needs.

Over several weeks we really got to know each other and as many of my clients we also became friends.  We kept in contact leading upto the birth and as some babies do, their baby decided to make an apearance earlier than expected.

It was a saturday and I sent a ‘checking in’ email to have a return email introducing their baby and they were finally home. A few messages went backwards and forwards between us and it became apparent that feeding was not going as smoothly as planned.

So I offered to pop round on the Sunday – this is a family day for me at my parents but after roast dinner I said to my family I was disapearing for an hour.

I popped over and helped my client with some positioning and attachemnt to help to make feeding feel less painful and get her through the day so that she could go to the feeding group the following day. I also shared some other gems that I can’t share here.

A few weeks later we met up in another location where I am doing another role and this is where my client said we have brought you dinner out in our favourate indian resturant in Brockley. We also want you to be able to have a few drinks and this will cover it handing me a gift card. I was totally taken aback and feeling so honoured and greatful as this showed me how much they valued my time that I spent with them that afternoon and not with my family.

Babar is a Mitchelin starred resturant and we were so lucky to go when it was their seafood festival. Both Lee and I are big foodies and before children we would do a lot of dining out and traveling the world eating food. The food at Babar’s is phenomenal – not like any indian you have ever tasted.

Every course delicate full of flavour and the wine was paired up with what I like in a bottle and with the food we had selected to eat.

My main was cooked inside a green coconut it was so fresh and tasty.

This was our first grown-up meal out together since we had became parents 6 years ago. As the children always come with us to resturants as they love food as much as we do.

This is a memory that will last forever.

Thank you to the special couple you invested in me having some amazing down time and such an amazing dining experience xxx