Prenatal Parenting Programme -The BEST Start Solutions

Prenetal Parenting Programme

Prenatal Parenting Programme -The BEST Start Solutions

The Prenatal Parenting Programme – The B.E.S.T. Start Solution™ is a three-four hour session in which we explore the fascinating topic of prenatal bonding from a number of different perspectives including your emotions and how these serve you and how to regain control of these emotions during pregnancy and beyond. 

CONNECT Learning to bond with your partner and baby as you group your family

Deliberate Connection  (The Wise Hippo)

“A conscious intention of mothers (and those close to her) to understand their emotions, take care of their emotional well-being and interact with their babies, in order to support their unborn baby’s emotional intelligence and to enhance their current and future relationships”

Medical science has now been able to provide ‘proof’ with increasing evidence that a baby’s parents’ lifestyle, emotions and external environmental factors are all important to their development.

An important lesson we can learn from this research in foetology is that the way a woman connects with her baby and how she feels during pregnancy is an important factor in her baby’s emotional and physical growth.

It is, therefore, useful to be aware of your feelings and emotions during pregnancy and to look for ways to create the best environment for your baby and for you.

However, it is important to understand that this doesn’t mean that you have to suddenly find a way to live a perfectly harmonious life (not that you could if you tried). Your children will see and experience examples of sadness, anger, frustration etc after they have been born and as they grow, and there may be times that it is appropriate for you to display those feelings during your pregnancy also.

The first part of the prenatal parenting session is focused on ‘understanding your emotions’ because we are in fact not always taught about our emotional responses in a useful way. This for many is a real ‘eye-opener’ of a session and paves the way for an increased sense of control and emotional well-being, as well as laying strong foundations for their child’s emotional intelligence.

Relax with bonding with baby The second part of the  prenatal parening session is all about ‘looking after you’ during which you will find out ways to increase your energy levels, let go of negativity, raise self-esteem and promote positivity.

‘Special moments with your baby’ is the final part of the prenatal parenting session. This is probably the more obvious side of a prenatal bonding where you will explore a number of different ways that you and others close to you can enjoy interacting with your baby.

The ideal time for mums-to-be and their birth partners to attend the prenatal parenting session is between 12 and 20 weeks, but attending can be beneficial at any time during pregnancy.

During the prenatal parenting session, you will get to see a lovely family sharing their prenatal bonding story, along with their beautiful birth and precious moments straight after the birth.

After the session you will receive a breakdown of all the tools and techniques that you have learnt;

MP3 – The Wise Hippo instrumental music.

MP3 – ‘Quiet time with your baby’ which you can listen to regularly

MP3 – ‘Blow away your worries’ which will support you in letting go of any negativity.

There will also be some follow up nurture emails to check how you are getting on with the prenatal bonding connection tools and techniques.

The investment for this session is £127 per couple and these are delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Would you like to do this session with a friend you will both receive a 25% and with two other friends 35% friends and family saving.

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